From funding agencies to affecting change

In May, 2015 United Way of Lancaster County enhanced its investment process, holding exciting promise for investors, grant recipients and our community. Moving from funding agencies to fostering change. These 10-year goals are not United Way’s goals; they are our community’s goals. Franklin & Marshall College’s Center for Opinion Research helped us reach out to residents, nonprofit service providers, United Way investors and community leaders to paint a vision for the future.

We zeroed in on four long-term, BOLD GOALS. Imagine this! A Lancaster County in 2025 where:

  • 100% of our children will enter kindergarten ready to learn.
  • 100% of students and adults will have post-secondary credentials.
  • Decrease individuals and families living in poverty by 50%.
  • 100% of individuals, children, and families will have a medical home.

Countywide Impact

We have you covered, Lancaster County! Seventeen Community Impact Partnerships are making BOLD change happen across Lancaster County. From Columbia to Paradise and from Adamstown to Quarryville, tens of thousands of lives are being touched and improved, thanks to generous, caring investors in our community.

Location Key

  1. Community Wellness
  2. Elizabethtown Area Hub
  3. Impacting Generations
  4. Integration Services For New Americans
  5. Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness
  6. Lancaster Medical Legal Partnership
  7. Lancaster-South Connections
  8. The Learning Lancaster Collaborative
  9. Let's Talk, Lancaster
  10. Moving Forward
  11. Pathways Out of Poverty
  12. Pinwheel Partners
  13. Plant the Seed of Learning
  14. Reunify, Empower, Prevent
  15. Systems Aligned in Learning (SAIL)
  16. Solanco Family Life Network
  17. Together Initiative